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10KW 20KW 30KW 40KW 3phase
Products Detail
  • Advanced operation mode ,Frequency tracking, phase-locking voltage stabilization, noise filtering and prevention of impact by fluctuation of the power grid realized in output of the inverter the best power supply guarantee for the loading equipment of users contribution by a full digital vector control technology based on real-time processing by DSP, MCU and DDC

  • Efficient IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) inversion technology  good high-speed switching feature, large-voltage and large-current operating characteristics and voltage drive of IGBT (the fifth-generation IGBT has a lower saturation voltage drop and higher operation efficiency and reliability)

  • High adaptability a wide range of input frequency (45Hz-65Hz), which realizes stable operation of fuel generators

  • Greater loading capacity suitability for industrial applications such as machine tools and wire cutters

  • Reliable performance a power-on test function for timely discovery and elimination of potential hazards high stability and reliability guaranteed by integration of function including AC input over-voltage protection, output overload protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection, bus over-voltage protection, overheat protection, fan fault protection, auxiliary power supply fault protection, battery overcharge protection and more

  • Management function big LCD, visualized display of operation statuses through flow charts, intelligent icon touch buttons, tabular data, event records and more visualization of parameters of the inverter by means of communication with a computer via a RS232/RS485 interface with help of intelligent monitoring software of the inverter

  • Intelligent battery management intelligent battery charge: adjustment of the battery charge parameter according to the battery configuration of the user and switching between equalizing charge and floating charge, temperature compensating charge and discharge management according to the power supply conditions, which may make the battery lifespan longer and reduce burden of the administrator

  • Intelligent battery fault detection: measurement of single parameters, display of the measurement results on the LCD and immediate alarming and notification for the administrator upon any battery fault

  • Personalized settings proper adjustment of the input parameters according to the input power supply conditions


Rated capacity10KW15KW20KW25KW30KW40KW
Working mode and principle DSP precision control technology and double built-in microprocessor PWM (pulse width modulation) output power is completely isolated
AC inputphase3phases +N+G
AC output phase3phases +N+G
voltageAC220V/AC380V±1%steady state load
frequency50Hz/60Hz±5%(city power) 50Hz±0.01%battery powered
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Total harmonic distortion Linear load3% nonlinear load5%
Dynamic load voltage ±5%from 0 to 100% saltus
Back in time10ms
Switch time of battery and city power 3S-5S
Unbalanced voltage±3% ±1%balanced load voltage
Over load ability 120% 20 秒;  more than 150%100ms
System index Working efficiency 100%load≥95%
Operating temperature-10~40
Relative humidity090%no condensation
structure Size D×W×H(mm)580*750*920  

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