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1KW/2KW/3KW/5KW/10KW Wind Turbine System
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1KW/2KW/3KW/5KW/10KW Wind Turbine System


Fetures :

1, High standard, quality components for use in harsh and extreme environments for wind turbines.

2, Low wind speed model, has electric brake, overcharging protection, stable output voltage

Comes with charge controller

3,High efficiency and Low mechanical resistance energy loss.
4,Excellent heat dissipation due to the Aluminium alloy outer frame and special internal structure.
5,High strength from the fully heat treatment Aluminium,anti-corrosion and weatherproof
6,Generator is designed using special material and treated to resist corrosion and oxidation.
7,Designed for reliable and long operational lifetime under long-term full output.
8,Designed for 20-year operation life.
9,Patent protected design.

Technical Specifications:

ModelFD2.8-1.0FD3.2—2.0 FD4—3.0FD5—6.0FD8--10
Rated power1KW2KW3KW5KW10KW
Wind rotor diameter(m)2.83.2467.2
Blade quantity33333
Start-up wind speed(m/s)33333
Working wind speed(m/s)3.0-353.0-353.0-353.0-353.0-35
Survived wind speed(m/s)4040404045
Start torque(n/m)1.5234.57.5
Rated wind speed(m/s)99101010
Max power(w)1.5KW3KW4.5KW7.5KW15KW
Rated rotate speed(rpm)380380300200200
blade materialFRP strengthened
Woking voltage(v)48V48V48V/96V240V240V
Speed regulation methodElectromagnetic brade+yawing
Stop methodElectromagnetic brade+manual
Yawing typeMechanism
Tower Height (m)6m9m9m12m12m

Controller :



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